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Welcome to Global Gateway!

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    Personalized Education

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    Life Skills Development

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    Child-Friendly Routine

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    Cambridge Phonetics

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    AMI Montessori Methodology

      15+ Years of Excellence !

      Our Preschoolers get ready for admission into Top CBSE , ICSE and International Schools.

      Campus Infrastructure

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      Spacious Environment

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      Well-Equipped Play Area

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      Kids Library

      Bringing out the best in your child with BEHAVIOUR TRAINING

      Sowing the seeds of

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      Be at Peace !

      Children's Safety, Health & Well being have always been our first priority. Enjoy all the Peace of being at Home !

      Safety and Well-being measures taken for your child at our campus

      Frequent Sanitizing

      Temperature checks

      Safety Protocols

      Social Distancing

      Parent Testimonials

      "Global gateway Chennai Champs is a great place for kids to start their schooling. Great teachers and Great administration.My son is studying here for the past 1 year. He has learnt a lot of activities and good manners.My kid improved a lot and he is very much active than before kudos to Chennai Champs and keep up the good work."
      Mont - 3 Rahul Shakthi's Father
      "I highly recommend Chennai champs Montessori school. All of the teachers are so kind and encouraging to each child. My child love to attend school everyday. I am confident that Chennai Champs has set a solid foundation for my childs learning path, they have developed a love for learning. I am confident that I made the best choice for my child at Chennai Champs Montessori School."
      Mont - 3 Riya's Father
      "I like Chennai Champs Montessori school for various reasons. Teachers are well trained in handling kids and experts in coaching. This school provides the new school of teaching and that helps students connect with daily life easily. My son learns a lot of new things every day.Kids are treated well and they enjoy attending school. I am happy that my kid is part of Chennai Champs Montessori School and it's going to help my son to face the any new challenges in upcoming years."
      Mont - 1 Sivelvan's Father

      Thank you Parent!

      And if you’re ready to take the first step towards your child’s bright future, fill out the form below to receive more information about our admissions process



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